Where Did the Time Go? Hello Halloween...

Designs with an Edge...Intentional Décor!

Inspired design is how your holiday season should begin.

Can you believe that summer is over? Where did the time go?

So you know what this means...the holiday season is hanging out there, ready to pounce into our already hectic lives. Here, at Barn Door Gypsy we believe that the holiday season gets its running start the minute we started seeing "back to school" advertisements on TV. Believe it or not, this year back to school and Halloween crashed together at Costco! Back to school items and Halloween costumes out there....taunting us! First, it's the frantic dash to dream up a Halloween costume, then it whisks us right into Thanksgiving and drops us off at Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Winter Solstice.

It really doesn't matter what holidays you celebrate, it all crashes down on us like we were not expecting it! LOL, yeah...we had 365 days to prepare, but did we....NO!

If you are like us, it is also the time when you look around your home and begin making the "to do list." The list of projects, we should have tackled months before, but were too busy spending time outside basking in the warmth of the summer. And like us, your list includes replacing the somewhat abused coffee table, redesigning the furniture layout in the den to capitalize on the best traffic flow and choosing a new color for the guest bathroom.

But really, who has the time for all of this? The holiday season (which feels like it starts mid-August) is stressful enough with all that has to get done without the new wants and needs of what would be nice, to also get done. We have an endless discussion here on the subject of need and desire. Howard and I agree, DON'T WE ALL WANT AND NEED IT ALL? And really... shouldn't we have it?

Barn Door Gypsy's inspired designs bring your personality into your home during the season. We will consult with you on your project list, give you a realistic timeline for completion, and work within your budget. Sometimes all that is needed is a little redesign utilizing items you already have in your home to brighten it up. Maybe we rework a coffee table with paint and a little distressing can give a room the sparkle it needs.

Feeling overwhelmed has become a standard state of mind during the winter season. Let us take off projects from your "to do list" so you can concentrate on the preparation of the holidays like gift buying and wrapping, holiday pageants and time spent with family and friends.