Barn Door Gypsy

Leah and Howard


It all started when…

My decorating style does not come from what is trending now, but what will my clients love for years to come.  It is comfortable, uncomplicated, and warm. I decorate your space, so your home becomes your favorite place to be.

As far back as I can remember, probably before I could walk, I was decorating and redesigning. It has forever been a part of my spirit. As a pre-teen and teenager, I adorned and redecorated my room 100 times.  It was always the ‘grand reveal” when my parents opened my bedroom door, never knowing what they would find. 

My big break came when I was given permission to redesign the “formal” living room and den in the house.  

So why has it taken so long to get here you may ask? Well, just, no confidence in my talent. I wanted to decorate so badly, but my doubts kept me from moving forward. 

I have had a great career, from being an Interpreter for deaf children to HR Manager, in the corporate world (and I would decorate and redecorate my office space….) where my confidence and self-doubt eased up.  And then one day, my husband and partner Howard, gave me the push I needed. 

Howard is an incredibly talented craftsman and handyman/construction consultant who believed that together we could do IT! 

We started painting furniture in our own home; giving pieces, we loved a new purpose or “facelift.” We quickly branched out to designing tables, painting kitchen cabinets and upcycling/repurposing household furnishings.  

We have always been passionate about repurposing, up-cycling, remodeling and home construction. 

Barn Door Gypsy is a reflection of our personalities and love of design; comfortable, relaxed with a twist of gypsy spirit. Rescuing furniture from the curb and breathing new life into it gives us great joy. We see beauty and grace in the worn and used. We find pieces with “great bones” and work our magic with paint, stain and other unique techniques so that the ugly duckling turns into a swan.  

Our handmade tables infused with unique materials make a statement.

Have you ever stood in front of the endless shades of white at the big box stores, finally decided on the perfect shade of white, painted the room and hated it?  How about going to your favorite home furnishings store, agonizing over which lamp to buy, bit the bullet, bought it, brought it home only to find out it is the wrong size, the wrong shape?  We all have, and we can help.

Here is what we can do:

Interior Decorating – Full Service
Space and Furniture planning
Color and fabric selection
Lighting consultation and selection
Wall coverings consultation and selection
Window treatments
Artwork selection
Accent furnishings
Kitchen cabinetry
Home Staging
Room Re-Design
Renovation and Remodeling Consultation and GC
Furniture painting
Re-purpose furniture and household items