Our Featured Collection

We design furniture for those who have an independent spirit. For people who search for unique and edgy pieces.

Emperor (1).JPG


Empire Table: Makes a grand statement in any room of your home. He had no top when we found him so the first order of business was to fabricate him a new table top. Then he received a new coat of paint that only enhances his masculinity (although there is a feminine side of him as well).  





Painted in a mermaid blue that is not too sweet, and not too bold, it is just right for this antique display cabinet. The mirror backing allows your treasures to be viewed from all sides.

China Girl is a show stopper in any room - She is perfect for a dinning room to add that punch of color and to show off your china. Or in a master bathroom with beautifully folded towels.




If you are a "bad ass" then this is the vanity for you.  She is independent and doesn't care of what people think.  Lilith is truly a one of a kind.  The technique used on this waterfall vintage dresser gives it the appearance that she has been through a war, but still shines bright and beautiful.  The seat is covered in a stunning black background bold floral.

44x19x36 (with the mirror 68 inches high)




Your bedroom is your not only your sanctuary it is also “your” space. A room that can be purely your personality - NO RULES!

This headboard is a sample of what we can do for your Plain Jane headboard. Use funky techniques to create a one of a kind, just like you!

This headboard as is $1500.


Sean Claude

A vintage single soaker handsomely painted in bright white with a handcrafted removable wood top and lower shelf. Sean Claude makes a functional movable island, perfect for a small kitchen. For family and friend gatherings fill the basin with ice and drinks.